School of the Supernatural


School of the Supernatural Roku Channel

Where just 20 years ago religion was a huge part of our North American media culture, today it has been all but replaced by movies and television programs on the supernatural – psychics, mediums, spiritism, ghosts hunters, vampires, zombies, witchcraft, magic, illusions and other various forms of the occult have seemed to capture the minds of both youth & adults alike.

Whether you consider yourself to be a novice or well versed in things of the supernatural, we encourage you to join our Roku Channel: SCHOOL OF THE SUPERNATURAL, where I promise you that you will see & hear things you have never before!

Roku: “School of the Supernatural” offers you a behind the scenes look beyond the veil of the spiritual dimension from individuals who encounter the supernatural on a daily basis. You will meet some of the most qualified leaders in the world to teach you about the greatest source of power you could ever hope to encounter!

  • Kat Kerr
  • Earthquake Kelley
  • Dean Braxton
  • Mickey Robinson
  • Howard Pittman

…and many more.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Roku Vanity Code: supernaturalschool

To add the Channel to your Roku device, log in to your online Roku account, and follow the link below:

If the channel doesn’t show up right away:

Get on your Roku device and go to:  Settings — >  System –> System Update.